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Skins Examines Their Chesticles – The Recap!

March 15, 2011
[This post is brought to you by:  lemonadeandlemoncake, our Skins correspondent. Click here for all our Skins coverage.]

Skins broke tradition this week by having Tina (adult, not kid) be the focus of the episode. This has never been done before and made me slightly nervous. We open with a sex scene that leaves just enough to the imagination to keep the PTC from having any ground to stand on, after which Tina says she’s 23. (She’s 23 and she’s got a full-blown teaching position?) They seem determined to be the slang masters as Abbud calls Tina’s breast chesticles.

Next we’re in school, where, somehow, the computers aren’t monitored and nobody notices when one of Tea’s friends flashes her breasts on webcam during class. (Right…) The social network they seem to use is a mix between Facebook and Livejournal. Amusing. You’ll notice there’s been an evolution going on with Chris’s hair week by week, and now there are colors in the buzz design going on in the back.

Dave has actually begun to be creepy, with his constant pursuit of Lisa, actually believing that sexual harassment is what women want. There’s a fire alarm that Stan did falsely because he didn’t want to study, and apparently everyone feels comfortable smoking bud on campus, in full view of instructors. I panicked when the principal wanted to talk to Tina but she was only talking about the failing test scores, not her banging one of her students. Phew! She’s good – for now! Also, heck yes for her standing up to her students with her ‘no, you can’t call me Tina’ speech.

I gained a lot of respect for her here. I also feel bad that she takes so much from students, like unwanted sexual comments. Tina goes out on a date with her of-age neighbor, who slut-shames her for wanting to have sex in a car (though it is a little off-beat to have a glove box filled with condoms) and is, in general, a huge douchebag. Consequences!

Chris and Tina get caught having sex and she gets arrested, but Chris and the gang all lie for her. Still, Skins with consequences. I like it. One more to go – next week it’s Eura!

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  1. March 17, 2011 1:53 am

    so no one else is excited like me about the fact that Eura’s episode is next week. i think they copied the Crystal Castles scene from season 2 of skinsUK. see now, this is risky. that’s one of my favorite scenes. okay, okay. watch it for yourself. No really, watch it. WATCH IT. brilliant! now if they’re going to re-adapt it they’d better be careful, but I have soft spot for US Tony so I hope they won’t butcher it too bad.

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