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DWTS: My Favorite Season.

April 5, 2011

Len Goodman declared last night that this season of Dancing With the Stars is his favorite so far. Sure, DWTS can be prone to gushing superlatives, but the head judge is the least likely to engage in hyperbole. His reason for the proclamation is that each week he thinks he knows who will sail through and who will be at risk, and every time he’s proven incorrect. Though after the show ended, it seems pretty likely that Wendy Williams will be packing her bags for home tomorrow night.

Last night was Story Night, so the contestants got to pick their own songs for a change, and they choreographed a dance that told a personal story of their life. Williams kicked off the show with a fox trot to Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, which represented her early days of working as a DJ and sleeping in her car between gigs. The dancing hadn’t much improved from last week, and she scored 5-5-5, which ended up being the lowest score of the night by quite a bit.

Chelsea cha-cha’d to a song called Chelsea, written especially for her by a boy in a band that I don’t think she is even dating anymore. She is so earnest and young, I can see why no one had the heart to tell her how egotistical that could seem. Chris Jericho did a rumba for his dead mum (7-7-7), Kendra followed with a rumba for her husband and their misunderstood marriage (8-7-8), then Romeo came after with a rumba for his two dead cousins. It got so sad, I was brought back to life with Hines Ward who samaba’d to Earth Wind & Fire like he’d been doing it his whole life, as Carrie Ann Inaba exclaims at the end.

Now he’s my new favorite. After this dance, supermodel Petra did a waltz dedicated to people of the tsunami who need hope, and came back from last week’s straight 6s to scores of 8-9-8 (and prompting Len to declare this his favorite season). Sugar Ray came back a little, scoring 7-6-7 with a paso doble to Bobby Brown’s My Prerogative, which was as weird and fun as it sounds. Kirstie Alley brought us back to more rumba, using my favorite version of Over the Rainbow, and there was an unfortunate tumble at the beginning of the dance, when Maks’s thigh cramped out on him.

But instead of derailing the dance, they got back into it and she did a lovely job for the rest of it, which the judges saw and gave them straight 7s for it. I was really pretty touched by how it never got too awkward, everyone responded with grace, because let’s be real, a tumble on the floor has the potential to look real bad, but they did all right. Ralph Macchio finished the night with a rumba dedicated to his wife of 24 years, the judges fight over whether it was really good or not so good, then proceed to give him straight 7s. I guess the judges have different ideas of what a 7 should feel like.

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  1. April 5, 2011 12:01 pm

    Kirstie Alley brought us back to more rumba, using my favorite version of Over the Rainbow, and there was an unfortunate tumble at the beginning of the dance, when Maks’s thigh cramped out on him.

    I wish Alley would do something with Sam Harris’ Sugar Don’t Bite or Yummy Yummy Yummy I got love in my tummy. I’m so wrong. I know that.

    So I guess The Karate Kid didn’t dance to “Glory of Love”?

  2. jenn permalink
    April 5, 2011 12:07 pm

    Ohhh Hines is TOTALLY my favorite this season. I’m thinking of wearing black and gold every week to show my love.

  3. April 5, 2011 12:19 pm

    @Jenn: I am not plugged into sports stars, I often know as much about them as I do the Disney stars, but his personality is so sweet. After last night, I’m thinking the whole reason he did this show was for his mom, it’s not like he needs the money, he’s still actively playing in the NFL!

    @snarky’s machine: I’m sure Macchio flees when that song comes on in shopping malls, but ten bucks says the producers will force it on him at some point this season if he keeps going each week.

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