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That Meme You’ve Been Ignoring: Borders says, “No Restrooms. Try Amazon!”

April 5, 2011

Borders employees in Chicago might have lost their jobs, but they haven’t lost their snarky sense of humor. Praise be to Xena we live in the age of smartphones as an eagle eye Consumerist reader named Sam snapped this photo, which keeps popping up on my facebook feed like an ironic whack-a-mole. Read more…

DWTS: My Favorite Season.

April 5, 2011

Len Goodman declared last night that this season of Dancing With the Stars is his favorite so far. Sure, DWTS can be prone to gushing superlatives, but the head judge is the least likely to engage in hyperbole. His reason for the proclamation is that each week he thinks he knows who will sail through and who will be at risk, and every time he’s proven incorrect. Though after the show ended, it seems pretty likely that Wendy Williams will be packing her bags for home tomorrow night. Read more…

Olivia Wilde on Timberlake Rumors: “Cool it, honeybadgers”

April 5, 2011

Hugh Laurie's face is priceless.

Has Justin Timberlake found a new B- List ingénue to date for a handful of years before swapping her for an upgrade? The ink is barely dry on Wilde’s divorce and the rumor mill already has her tripping the light fantastic with another suitor. So basically that means when Wilde;s not underwhelming audiences in Tron: Legacy or setting depictions of bisexuality back 20 years on House she has a new gig: dodging rumors about her relationship with Justin Timberlake. Read more…

Jeremy Irony Lights Up Controversy (Again)

April 4, 2011

The star of Showtime’s newest historically inaccurate hitBorgiasbelieves smokers deserve the same protections as disabled folks, which, of course, is nothing but foolishness. Jeremy, why are you constantly bananas? Here’s a suggestion: QUIT SMOKING OR QUIT BITCHING. Just sayin’. Trust me; I’m doing the legwork.

Mr Irons, who was in New York to guest-star in an episode of Law & Order, a television series, described the measures as “ludicrous and a terrible bullying of a minority that cannot speak back.” Smokers should be protected like “handicapped people and children”, he told an interviewer for New York magazine, who said the 62-year-old’s teeth were “a testament to a life of indulgences.”

Do I really need to unpack all the problematic hot messery in Irons’ statements are has he done all the work for me?

Sneek Peek: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘The Governator’ (VIDEO)

April 4, 2011

It wasn’t enough Arnold made a laughing stock of the governor’s mansion in Sac-Town, he’s now going to try his hand at stink up Saturday morning cartoons. With the famed Stan Lee (I love you, dude, but WTF?) by his side, there’s no way they can’t lower the bar even further. But don’t just take my snark for gospel; watch the trailer and decide for yourself.

Barry and Kiki Present: Body of Proof Pilot

April 1, 2011

After sizing up the pilot of Harry’s Law back in January, Kiki and I decided to give ABC’s new show Body of Evidence Proof a look….so you don’t have to.

Barry Glibb: Onto Dana Delaney! I’m hitting play.

Kiki Lagrange: Heels? I had that raincoat like five years ago. From Old Navy.

BG: She just ordered an autopsy in two hours? That seems a little quick even by tv standards!

KL: “Don’t believe everything you’ve heard about me. The truth is much worse.” Oh no. Another “Loker”
Read more…

Mad Men Without Matt Weiner?

March 30, 2011

Currently, AMC and Lionsgate are locked in contract negotiations with Mad Men creator Matt Weiner. The major sticking point is reducing production costs by jettison some of its bloated ensemble cast. (Please don’t send them over to Grey’s Anatomy!) Might I suggest ditching Pete and Peggy! Just sayin’. Now, if Weiner can’t come to an agreement AMC and Lionsgate could go forward with production of the stylish, Emmy-winning series without its creator. Now before you clutch your vintage 50s pearls in horror, it might not come to this. Read more…

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