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The RHoA Recap: Season Three, Reunion Pt. 1

February 14, 2011

The housewives gather at the Georgia Aquarium. Montage on boobs, working out, plastic surgery and laser burning fat. Phaedra explains animal booties. “Maybe a baby donkey booty.” Kroy is happy with Kim’s switch from saline to silicone. Andy thinks she looks younger without makeup. “Why do you cake it?” Cynthia and Kandi admit to lipo. Kim announces she’s 5 months pregnant. Montage discussing her lesbianism, then Kroy’s ass. “Ask, believe, then receive.” Phaedra doesn’t ask the due date. Flashback to season two when Kim visited the psychic who predicted her pregnancy. NeNe doesn’t care about Kim’s relationship. Kim doesn’t talk to Tracy because it’s too much drama, and she also quit smoking. Kandi isn’t sure. Cynthia’s bridal and financial meltdown montage. “My mom definitely had her opinion.” Cynthia didn’t know about the marriage certificate conspiracy until she saw the episode. She signed a prenup and Phaedra cheers. Then, montage of NeNe talking sweet about Peter. Cynthia assures that they don’t even get along. Phaedra montage. “She cracks me up.” She explains Apollo’s love of canned food. Kandi explains boughetto. NeNe explains “Phakedra”. Phaedra isn’t so sure about 43. “When I was with Bobby Brown you were calling me.” NeNe montage. She and Greg are divorcing. Phaedra is still friends with Dwight. NeNe has never dated a white guy. Sweetie montage. Kim has a book coming out on how to land your own Big Poppa. Phaedra explains racial history to Kim. They keep talking about Sweetie. “I think that you can dish it out, but you can’t take it.” More fighting next week!

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  1. February 23, 2011 1:36 am

    Interesting recap! There was so much going on in both reunion shows. I always feel that they purposefully leave out certain questions. They didn’t really say anything that I wasn’t already aware of. Do you think Nene will return for season 4?

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