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The Bachelor v. The Ashleys: Week Five Recap

February 1, 2011

Michelle the "hair stylist", as seen in her IMDB profile.

Chris Harrison explains to the 11 women left how the dates will go this week: solo date, group date, and “the dreaded two-on-one date”.  He then tells them to pack their bags, they’re headed to Vegas. Michelle is ready for more women to go home so she can have more luggage.  They pull into “the most beautiful hotel ever,” which seems to have been architecturally inspired by the Staples Center.  Brad hands out the date card and Shawntel N. gets the one-on-one. The Chico girl is overwhelmed by a Vegas shopping mall (“there were names on the shops I’d never heard of”) but rises to the challenge when it’s time for the spree. “She’s sexy without trying to be which makes her even sexier.”

Michelle says Shawntel is not ready for Brad.  Then Shawntel returns with dozens of shopping bags.  “I know they weren’t really that happy for me.”  She gets dressed and leaves for part two of the date. Over dinner, she dishes on her career as a funeral director and earns the rose.  Fireworks erupt.

The group date is announced and then the double date is Ashley versus Ashley.  Tears erupt.  “I think it’s time for the Ashleys to part and go their separate ways.”

Group date limos drive up to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. They suit up.  Emily is watery, so Brad pulls her aside and gets the full story.  “I need to go check on someone I care about.” He pulls her aside again. “Just because someone comes in the worst story means they get the most attention?” Brad expresses concern about his feelings. “That’s a hard space for any man to fill.” Alli cries about not feeling special. “I’m feeling worse than I did coming into this evening of the group date.” Michelle gets him out of the situation.  “The more I’m with you the more I have a crush on you.” Emily gets the rose.

He has both strong feelings and strong doubts about both Ashleys, so he takes them to the Elvis-themed Cirque du Soleil. “I hope I don’t mess it up for myself.”  Shawntel & Chantal lie on the bed and ponder the endless possibilities to the two on date.  (And by endless, she means three.)  Brad and the Ashleys float awkwardly to Are You Lonesome Tonight. “This decision is so important, I don’t know where I stand right now.” He passes on Ashley S. and gives the rose to Ashley H., who accepts before he finishes asking. “It felt like someone punched me in the stomach…and the heart.” They milk Ashley H.’s tears in the post-rejection interview.

Brad calls his life coach to discuss (again) kissing other women. He thanks the women for sharing their feelings and explains that he will comfort any woman crying in his presence.  Chantal isn’t allowed to give him anymore crap. He makes Allie feel special. Lisa put herself out there. Michelle shuts the door. “I’m different than a lot of these girls.”  The rose ceremony is a crossroads for Brad and after making Chantal sweat and wait for the last rose, then he sends home Marisa and Lisa. (Who?)

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  1. February 1, 2011 6:08 pm

    I don’t know how these women subject themselves to that damn rose ceremony. Talk about a walk of shame. Though I do like the nod to Disney’s Recess in the form of the Ashleys.

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