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Chuck versus the Gobbler: The Recap!

January 25, 2011
This post is brought to you by: Chris_Coder

In last week’s Chuck, we learned at the end of the episode that Sarah was going undercover to fight Volkhoff from the inside and to bring Chuck’s mom home, thus the setup of her as a traitor to the CIA.  This week, we open with Sarah and Casey engrossed in a physical fight and then flash back 2 days earlier to Casey and Morgan worrying about whether Chuck is going to become Sir Mopes-a-lot about Sarah being gone. Chuck enters in high spirits and declares he’s fine, because he knows Sarah won’t change and will always be the same, which we know means she will immediately appear to have drastically changed and he will once again doubt all her feelings for him.

Open scene on Sarah, with (badly chosen) jet black hair, dressed entirely in leather and wearing sunglasses, being lead in to Volkhoff’s secret lair or office, whatever they’re calling it these days.  Volkhoff doesn’t believe Sarah has gone rogue.  Sarah says, oh, I did it for Chuck, and Volkhoff talks about how he loves poetry and romance and offers Sarah a test — break his best body guard out of prison. Oh, also, he eats people, but probably not you.  Sarah accepts.

Back in Burbank, Morgan is in love with Casey’s daughter and doesn’t mind that she is wearing his original issue mint condition Back to the Future t-shirt while eating pizza and drinking orange juice. Chuck and Sarah have a CIA developed secret language in the form of beeps for communication and Sarah is telling Chuck she loves him.  Morgan is unashamed that he loves snuggles.  Sarah breaks in to Castle to kiss Chuck and elicit the team’s support in breaking the Gobbler out of prison. It seems like actually doing it on her own would be a safer bet but then what would Casey and Morgan do all episode?

Casey and Morgan, dressed as guards, release Chuck as one of the prisoners and Chuck picks a fight with the Gobbler to knock him unconscious. Sarah breaks in on a bakery truck while Casey and Morgan distract the surveillance guard by singing him Happy Birthday.  Chuck and Sarah sneak out the Gobbler, Casey and Morgan join him. Sarah drops Chuck, Casey, and Morgan off but not before Chuck awkwardly kisses his finger and rubs it across Sarah’s cheek.  At least they both realize its awkward.  Sarah leaves with Gobbler.  Chuck starts to be the much feared Sir Mopes-a-lot so Casey and Morgan order him pizza and play Risk with him.

Back at Volkhoff, Volkhoff shoots Gobbler in the head and digs out Gobbler’s eye which is apparently where he keeps all his best secret files.  Also, his fingers are wet with clear liquid and I gagged for the first time ever at a Chuck episode.  Then the ever unpredictable Volkhoff smashes the fake eye that holds on the secret files and Sarah and Chuck’s mom secretly take the main part and hide it.  Volkhoff says he downloaded it all to a secure location and now Sarah has to do one more thing to prove her loyalty.

Casey gets a text from Sarah on an unsecured line.

Volkhoff tells Sarah she has to kill John Casey.

Chuck runs off to make sure Casey and Sarah aren’t in trouble and thus in need of the intersect.

Sarah fights Casey, telling him everything she knows as they fight. They formulate a plan for Sarah to throw Casey out the window. Casey points out there’s a platform only 40 feet down and he’s “done 60, no problem” to which Sarah threatens, he better be okay or she will really kill him. Sarah passes Casey the internals from the fake eye flash drive so he can give it to Chuck/Morgan/CIA.

Volkhoff’s men capture Chuck outside the building and Volkhoff takes Chuck up to see Sarah kill Casey and thus make the switch from pretending to be a traitor and actually becoming one.  Sarah throws Casey through the window, Casey hits the platform and falls off and down all nine stories.  Sarah is in shock, Chuck is in shock, Volkhoff is happy, someone knocks Chuck unconscious and Sarah cries out “Chuck!” but then leaves with Volkhoff and the gang.  Chuck’s mom tells Sarah on the plane that the distance makes it easier.

Casey is in a hospital bed and unconscious, Chuck and Morgan are at his side. Morgan tells Casey’s daughter that Casey loves her. Chuck sends a secret satellite message to Sarah and she declines the message.  A thousand Charah fans throw something heavy through their televisions.

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