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The RHoA Recap: Season 3, Ep. 8 “Is There A Doctor in the House?

January 14, 2011

Apollo and Phaedra head to Augusta to have the baby. “So you ready to drop the load?” No, she’s contemplating maternal death. Kandi has a birthday party at her store TAGS. Lisa drives out to shop and Kim shows up with a fancy wig. “It looked really…hookerish? I would have probably appreciated the royalties for Tardy for the Party a little bit more.” Dwight gets grilled about the baby. “He must be the dad cause he got really upset.” Kandi will go to the hospital and find the truth. “If I ride with you, can I smoke in the car?” “Hell no.” “I’m not coming.” NeNe interviews with 11 Alive and explains her Michael Lohan beef. “As soon as I saw I might have some connection to these celebrities, they’re like sharks smelling blood.” Phaedra checks in and expresses fear of going to the hospital because of germs…and stories of babies getting kidnapped. NeNe shows up for her first day of work. A cubicle is ok for now. Kandi visits a labor-drugged Phaedra in the hospital. “I have just lost touch with this baby thing.” The doctor busts her out. “She’s 40 weeks.” Sheree throws a graduation party for her 5th and 8th grade kids at go-karts. “I have a need for speed, I guess.” Kim and NeNe go for a walk. “We’re not exercising worth a damn.” Sheree throws a spades party and Dr. Tyee shows up early. “I was pretty comfortable answering the door with rollers and a robe.” Everyone else arrives. “While y’all play spades, I’m a have to play sexy.” NeNe knows Tyee well. Kandi busts out the truth on Phaedra. “She’s a lawyer, she’s sticking with her lie.” “You don’t have to be a lawyer to stick with a lie.” Lots of air quotes and soon Tyee is sweating: the Love Doctor reveals he’s unlicensed but he does indeed have a PhD…from online. “I feel violated.” Phaedra goes in for a C-section. “I think giving birth is a momentous occasion but I wouldn’t describe it as beautiful because it does involve a little blood and…things that aren’t so pretty.” She is shown her new baby for the first time. “Oh gross.”

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