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The RHoA Recap: Season 3, Ep. 7 “She Can Dance”

January 12, 2011

[Need to catch up?  Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6]

Sheree gets an Aston Martin.  “I can’t keep putting my desires on the back burner.”  She gets asked to participate in Dancing Stars of Atlanta, despite not know how to dance.   Kim unveils her newly designed condo to the family. “I love meeeee.”  Ariana gets a $60,000 newly redecorated room.  Brielle gets jealous.  Cynthia’s sister Malory and NeNe prepare the house, including laying rose petals and lighting candles.  The surprise party guests arrive.  “I just took my eyelashes off in the car.”  Cynthia is flummoxed. “But he really nailed it with the ring.” Phaedra packs her bags and says she deserves to give birth in style. “This baby gonna be raised country.”  Sheree gets her first dance lesson. “I definitely think I have a good chance at beating the competition.”  Kandi and Lawrence are recording in the studio. “That’s real gay.” Cynthia is not shopping off the rack for a wedding gown, but she is drinking the free champagne. Mom opens up about marriages.  “I’m a model.  I can’t tell if this dress looks great on me…or I’m just making this dress look great.”   Sheree is running late. “If they wanted me to wear my dress to the dress rehearsal, they should have told me.” Derek the dance instructor blushes at Lawrence’s flirtations.  The whole gang arrives but she forgot to ask them to donate.  Kim and Lawrence gawk at the Defensive End’s end.  NeNe is a terrible tipper and Sheree is afraid. Her dancing exhibits a special superpower – it renders the other housewives speechless.  “All 9s might have been a little high.”  Kim gives out her number.  Sheree gave 100%.

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