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Nigella Loves a Charade

December 16, 2010

Actor Richard E. Grant describes his Christmas plans in the Daily Telegraph’s ongoing column “My Perfect Weekend”, and they include dinner at the house of his bestie, Nigella Lawson.  The sexy chef does the holiday real big – no surprise, given her career is showing us plebeians how to create a happy home, but it turns out the excitement of the day is not the yule log or Christmas goose, it’s her gaming skills.

“[A]fter lunch we do karaoke and play bingo. People are always very competitive about who is going to be caller and come up with the best puns. After bingo there’s charades….Nigella is such a good sport when it comes to charades.”


And by “good sport”, he means that she’s not above fart jokes when trying to act out Gone with the Wind.   Nigella is generally viewed as a domestic sex symbol because of her curves (and occasional nipple reveal for the camera), but having a naughty sense of humor doesn’t hurt that reputation a bit.

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