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The RHoA Recap: Season 3, Ep. 1, “New Attitude”

October 5, 2010

Ignore for a moment that the episode has nearly the same title as last season’s premiere – Bravo’s most-watched branch of the Real Housewives franchise is back for season three.  Sheree has abandoned her clothing line and is EGOT bound.  NeNe learns from tabloids that Kim is bisexual.  (Why are there suddenly so many butch dyke DJs?)  They repair their friendship over expensive wine by discussing lesbian experimentation, marital woes, and gossip from Dwight.  Kim forgives NeNe.  “As long as she’s not choking me, I’m laughing.”  Kandi offers another side: “If somebody chokes the hell out of me and I’m calling the police on their a$$, no need to be chummy.”  Then, a rock wall climbing date and a proclamation of celibacy.  “Honey, we don’t chase boys.”  Phaedra and Apollo are introduced to us.  “He signed a prenup, so I know he doesn’t want my money.”  The attorney to the stars is pregnant with her first child and gives etiquette advice to Dwight on how to get imaginary money back.  NeNe’s husband Greg did a small business investment with Dwight at $500 – whose payday loan did they finance?  Lawrence fronts on the “stunt queen”. Everyone arrives at a shoe party with no shoes, and NeNe is unimpressed with Phaedra then confronts Dwight.  “I hate when I have to yell at people.”

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