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J-Lo’s Jumpsuit

May 26, 2011

Hard to believe Michael Kors had anything to say about other people's fashion designs!

The blingy, “naked” Michael Kors jumpsuit Jennifer Lopez wore for the American Idol finale last night has me wondering what happened to Jenny from the Block. There was a point when her fashion was interesting, stylish and sometimes even flattering. While there’s nothing wrong with the fit of her bedazzled jumpsuit, there is everything wrong with this train wreck of design elements. Bling is good. “Naked” fabric is good and there might even be a few people who think jumpsuits are good. But all together? I just don’t know. The top part says, “sweetness” and the bottom part says, “joe boxer sweatpants”. This is not really one of her better looks and given the odd assortment of Jennifer Lopez’s recent dubious fashion choices I am afraid of what ideas she has for taking the jumpsuit to the next level.


Barry & Kiki Are Fine Tuning Their Creation…

May 3, 2011

But don’t fear; we’ll be back Memorial Day weekend to help usher in the summer movie season! Until then be sure to check out our archives. See you in a couple of weeks!

Ashley Judd Points Out the Obvious

April 11, 2011

misinformed musical opinions could be a symptom from a marriage to this guy

We mentioned Ashley Judd’s new memoir last week, and the possible familial smackdown that could follow in the wake of her revelations, as well as Wynonna and Naomi’s take on it in their miniseries that’s about to air. But Complex magazine caught an except of the book that is pissing some folks off:

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Ease on Down the Road, Sidney Lumet!

April 9, 2011

Hollywood lost one of its greatest directors – Sidney Lumet – who died at age 86. Best known for iconic cinematic entries such as Network, Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico and more dubiously, The Wiz. Lumet was a veteran of smart, gripping gritty dramas, which showcased strong performances, particularly by female characters. Even his critical missteps, such as Power were still meaningful explorations worthy of inclusion in his oeuvre. My favorite Lumet films, besides The Wiz are Serpico and The Verdict. Read more…

Karina Smirnoff Dances for ABC, But Poses for Playboy

April 7, 2011

Karina has already posed for FHM - isn't that the same thing?

Last week I mentioned that Hugh Hefner sure likes to show up in the audience of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars a lot, and now I know why The Hef was there: to court Karina Smirnoff and convince her to pose for Playboy. (Or more accurately, as an act of good faith to seal a deal already made with her, since magazines go to print months in advance.) The news was announced yesterday via his Twitter….which makes it either totally accurate or totally a joke.

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You’re Gonna Love It In Instant: Bond, James Bond!

April 7, 2011

Netflix might be getting assaulted on a couple fronts by haters, prognosticators of doom and the occasional tech blogger, but who can talk eventual demise with all these pre-Brosnan Bond titles available for instant viewing! Whether you’re a Connery purist, Team Dalton, Georgie’s girl or want Moore Moore Moore, there’s plenty of Bond for you. Well except I didn’t mention any Connery titles. Read more…

Judd vs. Judd vs. Judd: The Battle of the Closet Skeletons

April 6, 2011

Ashley Judd has published a memoir, spilling all the secrets of her childhood, including bearing witness to some troublesome times in the Judd home. I know all this because Yahoo had her name as a trending topic in their news section because her make-up looked bad around the eyes at a book signing. I’m less concerned with Ashley Judd’s (now ex-) makeup designer forgetting to blend her powder than I am this tidbit of information buried at the bottom of the Reuters article making the rounds:

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